Circles with Sophie

S E L F  - L O V E

C I R C L E 


Sophie works with a small group of like minded souls who are ready to change how they see themselves and the world. 


January 13, 2019
5:30pm - 6:30pm


Your First Circle is FREE!


Napoleon Hill said, "You can accomplish more in 1 month in a mastermind group setting, than you can by yourself in 1 year."​ Our self-love circle is a 6 month group journey that will re-ignite your self-love + teach you how to fully practice self-love, regardless of circumstances or conditions. The point is to embody unconditional love; love without conditions.

Not the common, "I love this because..." The "because" makes it a condition. Self love is unconditional. Self-Love is an art, a sacred practice. Once we change your concept of what is possible, we will change your life forever. 


- We meet for 2 Video Group Sessions / month with Sophie + your Self-Love Tribe

- There are 2 online course lessons per month + interaction with your self-love tribe


Powerful Agenda:

Month 1 - Meeting your inner child
Month 2 - Spiraling the trauma away
Month 3 - Cutting toxic cords
Month 4 - Real Forgiveness
Month 5 - Holding New Light
Month 6 - Expand into Loving Yourself

- Email support with Sophie during your 6 month journey


$260 per month



I hold this healing + transformational space for our Circles. Stepping into our sacred circle, is like stepping into a metaphorical healing hut, where the magic begins to unfold. I cannot explain to you how this happens, all I can tell you is that I am a witness to this and in awe of this energy!


What I can promise you is that during our circle time, you will get to experience connections, maybe in a way that you never have. Join us, your transformation awaits. 

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