Your Inner Universe is calling...
Can you hear it? 

If we wanted to build the tallest building in the world, what is the first thing we would do after all the strategic planning?  We would dig deep into the Earth and create sturdy footing.  Some may say "you are going the wrong way, we are supposed to build up!" However, in order for the building to stand, we need to go deep into the Earth to provide the support.  Meditation is going deep within, providing you with the support you need to build a great life. 

If you have dreams that you want to manifest, the best way to help them be true and lasting "out there," is to go "in here" (your inner world) first!

Our guided meditations will effortlessly help you move into higher states of consciousness by guiding you to let go of all your demands, offer a silent break from your busy life, and make meditation easy and convenient for you to practice.  You will be taught the basics of meditation and can attend the classes that call to you the most!



Private Meditation Lessons

All meditation lessons are a 1-hour private session that includes: a guided and recorded meditation, and coaching time any questions and address questions to help you develop a practice on your own.



We teach many different techniques. 

Mindful Meditation: learn how to sit in a still posture and quiet the mind, tune in to the breath, and learn how to let awareness be the focus of the mind.  

Spiritual Meditation: learn how to journey through the inner world, ground to the earth, and connect to the divine, among many different inner activities.

Chakra Meditation: learn how to clear and cleanse the seven different energy centers to get invigorated and refreshed. 

Crystal Meditation: learn about crystals and how to use specific crystals in meditation to positively affect your life.

Free Guided Meditations

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