Raise Your Vibration

Vibrational Healing is a method that I use to help identify what you truly desire + then I create a personalized tool for you to listen to, which will creatively address your exact needs.


This is like vibrational medicine that you take through your ears. You are guided to listen to this track as you drive in your car, during a workout, while cleaning your house, or any time where you can listen repetitively, at least 30 minutes a day. 


You send Sophie an email about your life situation including:

  • 200 words about you + what is going on that you want to change, heal, release, etc. 

  • And a list of 20 - 40 things that you want to come into your life

  • Sophie then creates you a audio track (5 -10 minutes long) which she calls vibration medicine taken through the ears.

  • You listen to this track as your vibrational medicine, consistently for 30 days to help reprogram your past gunk and create the space for this new energy to come in.  

Check out some examples below!

Raising Her Vibration
This was created for a person who wanted to raise their vibration and wanted to expand on their spiritual journey!   
Transmute an Issue
This was created for a person who felt like they were under an attack at work and wanted a tool to bring healing into their life! 

1 Vibrational Healing



Get a personalized audio track that will help you reprogram a bad habit, relationship, or create the change you need to make.




with Sophie Frabotta

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